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Service’s Code Webcomic

Service’s Code online comic book ( webcomic ) was created long after the novel. The first issue was presented in 2015, while the first series of the story was first published in its printed version in 2013.
The style is that of the novel illustrator Zurundolo, and it is inspired to Japanese manga comics. However, instead of using halftone screens, he uses gray fillings which often overlap, and become darker, a technique very similar to watercolor even if with netter tones.
Backgrounds are often selected landscapes of the city of Busto Arsizio and its surroundings, the same town in which the events supposedly take place.
On this page you can see the first drafts of the pages that, after being refined and set in a proper layout, will become the volumes of the comic series.
Unlike classic mangas, Service’s Code (for the moment only available in Italian language) boasts a top quality paper print: opaque covers with flaps and thick coated paper inside. The first volume is made of 74 pages, 6 of which are in color.
The first manga volume of Service’s Code, was presented at the Milan Anime Expo, in May 2015. The first 30 copies were labeled with a Limited Deluxe Version, and signed by the authors. After that date, the comic became available for online purchase.


First volume

  • English available soon

Second volume

  • English available soon
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