ImmaginePromozionaleStoryService’s Code is an urban-fantasy graphic novel.
It alternates 20 regular chapters to Intermission Codes, sort of bonus chapters that deal with events of the past and help clarifying some dynamics and the reasons behind certain characters’ behavior in the present of the story.
Service’s Code uses the first person point of view, but the character narrating the story changes with each new paragraph. In the beginning, it could be confusing and hard to read, but we find that this is the best way to convey exactly what each and every character thinks in a given situation.
Being the narration a character’s constant stream of thoughts, every paragraph is written in a different style complying to the character on call. Zendaru is dispersive, but youngish. Tears doesn’t speak properly, he cusses a lot and he always goes straight to the point. Nakiri is precise, and his narration is equally clear-cut.
Service’s Code takes place in Busto Arsizio, a city of northern Italy, mainly because it’s the authors’ birthplace. Some of the places described in the story really exist. For instance, the headquarters of the Intra Dimensional Shield Confederation (IDSC, or Shield, or simply Confederation) are supposed to be based beneath Villa Ottolini-Tosi.
Every street, square and some of the buildings are real too. The only fictional details are the location of Tears and Zen’s house and of the Dakness Club (loosely based on the Zoe Club in Milan, but only as regards to its map).
Since Service’s Code is a non-profit project (It’s not really a choice, it’s just that nobody would pay us for it), you’re warmly encouraged to support us through comments (which are totally free). There’s a comments section at the end of every chapter. 🙂

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