Intermission Code: Data file A

10/01/1990 I’m like, here, trying to figure out if this thing in my hands is edible or not when the bins in front of me make a big noise and roll everywhere, spreading garbage over me. Like if I were clean on a normal day, let alone now. I hear my brother calling for me and I know he’s running in my direction, but I am doing fine. […]

Tuesday,04/08/2015|0 Comments

007_Service’s Code ::: Code 07 Partners in crime (Third part)

I have absolutely no idea how we managed to break through the steel watertight door which closed the garage. In fact I wasn't looking. I guess that you don't get the best view from under the passenger seat. However, when I finally get up, we're already almost a half a mile away. Bullets are hailing [...]

Wednesday,24/06/2015|0 Comments

006_Service’s Code ::: Code 06 Partners in crime (Second Part)

I keep the stairs in sight. The elevator is gone. I saw the cable dangerously wobble and then loosen up, a clear sign that the car crashed in the basement. So it’s the stairs that I have to worry about. […]

Friday,27/03/2015|0 Comments

005_Service’s Code ::: Code 05 _ Partners in crime (First Part)

I cling to my duster. It’s mid winter and no, I’m not cold. I believe I have never been cold, if not as a child when I lived in a Sevyhal alley with my brother. The reason why I tighten the collar in is to not call too much attention on me. I dabbed the wound on my neck as best as I could but he must have hit a capillary and it’s still bleeding on my clothes. A half an inch to the right and my blood would be on Borri avenue, together with my dead body. […]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|9 Comments

004_Service’s Code ::: Code 04 _ 156459

I snort and throw myself back on the office chair. I roll for a half a meter and look at him, stunned. – Damn it Tears, how can you live this way? You’re an analog clock in the digital era – He approaches curiously to the monitor and puts his Guinness can on the desk – I’m also a sundial, if I lie down naked, but what does that matter? – I sigh. […]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|7 Comments

003_Service’s Code ::: Code 03 _ Didn’t they tell you anything?

He holds the steering wheel in his knees, he shifts gears with his right hand and eats his kebab while holding it in his left hand. I look at him worried and I wonder what will he do when we get to the first curb. -Where do you live? – He asks me. I hear the front bumper scraping against one of the tires: he duct taped it, but it doesn’t seem to be a long lasting solution. -Busto Arsizio. Northern outskirts – I answer. He raises an eyebrow. -Then you’re in the Delta team. Very well. What did you do to end up here? Are you a killer? – The noise the straw is making tells me that I finished my coke. I put it in the cup holder. – I am a thief – He turns to me. He’s not looking where he is going. He looks at me. He’s still not looking where he is going. – Watch where you’re going, what the fuc_ – I am holding the steering wheel. – What the fuck are you? – He blurts out while still staring at me. […]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|6 Comments

002_Service’s Code ::: Code 02 _ Field Work

I enter and check the place out. It’s a hospital room. Maybe a private one since it is modern and well kept. There is a bed but it is empty. After two seconds of silence, General Shelv thunders. – Lieutenant! – The lieutenant, who was guarding outside with another foot, enters with his colleague and they both are evidently surprised. Their eyes wander from the bed to the rest of the room, desperately looking for something, or someone. -General, I assure you that he was here ten minutes ago! I came in to check on him and- -Silence! – There are three of us in the room and we all freeze even our minds even our minds freeze up. […]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|6 Comments

001_Service’s Code ::: Code 01 _ System Failure

I've always been told that in the third dimension only upright people were recruited. Good people, people skilled enough to capture other people who would do anything in order not to come back here. Okay, I also know that it is likely that those who pass on the other side don't come back here and, [...]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|5 Comments

000_Service’s Code ::: Code 00 _ Prologue

Sempione Main Road 33. About 3 a.m. Normal cruising speed. I’m heading toward the next unloading point: Gallarate. The rain’s knocking loudly on bodywork and windows. Spring’s just started and nights are already hot. The music can’t completely overpower the rain’s noise. Or is it hail? A crack. I start and skid. […]

Tuesday,05/08/2014|4 Comments

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